Hot & Cold Mezze

The Lebanese like to share a meal and so the food is centred around mezze - smaller plates offering a wide variety of flavours from the simple to the complex and each plate has its own distinctive taste.

The best way to enjoy a meal is to select a range of different mezze, both hot and cold, and then pass the time with some good conversation and a few drinks to accompany the meal.

Cold Mezze

Gluten FreeSuitable for VegetariansHummus Beiruty €6.50

Puree of chick peas with hot pepper, parsley, sesame paste tahina and lemon juice

Gluten FreeSuitable for VegetariansMautabbal €6.50

Puree of smoked aubergine with sesame paste tahina and lemon juice.

Gluten FreeSuitable for VegetariansOlives €6.00

Selection of premium olives

Suitable for VegetariansTabbouleh €6.50

The famous parsley salad, with cracked wheat, onion, tomato, lemon juice and olive oil.

Gluten FreeSuitable for VegetariansWarak Enab €5.50

Grape vine leaves filled with rice, tomato and parsley slow cooked in olive oil.

Suitable for VegetariansFattoush €6.50

Mixed Salad, tomatos, mint, sumac, onion, radish, peppers, olive oil and fried lebanese bread.

Gluten FreeSuitable for VegetariansLaban We Khiar €5.00

Yoghurt with finely cut cucumber and dried mint.

Hot Mezze

Gluten FreeSuitable for VegetariansFalafel €7.00

Croquettes of chickpeas served with tahina paste

Gluten FreeKraydes (F)€8.95

Shrimps cooked in olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, tomato and parsley

Gluten FreeSuitable for VegetariansGrilled Haloumi €8.95

Haloumi Cheese grilled with olive oil and herbs.

Gluten FreeSuitable for VegetariansPatata harra €6.00

Cubes of potatoes sauteed with garlic, corriander, sweet peppers and chilli.

Gluten FreeSuitable for VegetariansMusakaat batenjan €7.50

Baked seasoned aubergine cooked with tomatos and chick peas, we can add chilli if required.

Suitable for VegetariansRikikat Jebne €6.50

Five filo pastry tubes filled with cheese and deep fried.

Gluten FreeSojok €7.00

Home made spicy sausages sauteed in lemon, tomato and onion.

Gluten FreeContains NutsFuter Muklee €8.50

Fried mushrooms with minced lamb, onions and peppers.

Gluten FreeSuitable for VegetariansFatayer €7.50

Four bite sized pastry parcels stuffed with spinach, onion and citrus juice.

Rikikat Kraydes (F)€8.50

Shrimp wrapped in a filo pastry, fried and served with our tartar sauce.

Gluten FreeContains NutsHummus Awarma €8.50

Puree of chick peas with minced lamb and pine nuts.

Gluten FreeSpicy Chicken wings €8.95

Chicken wings tossed in a spicy hot sauce.


Lebanese bread filled with seasoned lamb and toasted. Served with fresh salad.

Contains NutsSamboussik lambe €8.50

Four bite sized lamb mince pastry parcels.

Calamari (F)€8.50

Lightly battered deep fried squid rings served with tartar sauce.

* All dishes subject to availability. Service charge not included. 100% IRISH MEAT.

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